Santa Teresa, Costa Rica /

Founder and owner of Alkeback, Anna Alkebäck, discovered her slice of paradise in a remote corner of Costa Rica while travelling with her husband-to-be in search of sunshine, yoga,  and waves in warm waters.

“It was love at first sight, Santa Teresa turned out to be everything we had dreamed of.
And before we knew it, we were the lucky owners of a house in the tropics.”

by Anna Alkebäck


Coming from Scandinavia and working in fast-paced industries, Santa Teresa turned out to be the off-the-beaten-path haven for dreamers and wandering spirits that we had been longing for without even knowing it. We found a close-knit community that was very welcoming and generous, which made us feel at home instantly.

The Nicoya Peninsula is considered a Blue Zone – one of five places in the world where it is proven that residents live longer, healthier and happier lives. We had the wildlife right at our doorstep with geckos in the house, howler monkeys in the trees, iguanas crossing our garden and cicadas chirping away at sunset. So when we planned our wedding here we decided to take advantage of everything nature had to offer, both in terms of venue and local produce.

“We wanted to show our friends what we love the most about Costa Rica. We had our wedding ceremony on the beach at sunrise, followed by breakfast in the sand under the palm trees, with the day ending back on the beach with sunset drinks, a bonfire and the most delicious bbq made from local produce.”

Casa Colina! – Detail From our Kitchen

Stairway To Heaven 

In & Outdoor Bedrooms

The once sleepy fishing village is today a fascinating melting pot for travellers from around the world in search of a life revolving around sand, surf and yoga. This makes for an abundance of excellent food – Italian pasta cooked by Italian chefs, shakshuka by the Israelis, asador by the Argentinians etc not to mention all the healthy organic eating options offered. So to have at least four to five different nationalities around our Sunday dinner table is more usual than not.

It takes some work to enter paradise – flying to San José, the capital of Costa Rica, and from there a mini plane to Tambor on the Nicoya Peninsula, followed by a 45-minute drive on unpaved roads. Or a good 1.5 hour drive from San José to Puntarenas where you cross the beautiful bay by ferry and then another 1.5 hour drive. But yes, it’s worth it – Pura Vida!

This is where we go!


Café Social
A perfectly made cappuccino, a green smoothie and a homemade cornetto, and you are ready to meet the world.

If you have never had shakshuka before, you should try it here. A delicious Israeli dish made from eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, red peppers and chili.

The Roastery
Being a creature of habit I always go for a pastrami sandwich and a cappuccino. Other family members tend to never say no to the banana cake


Product C
Fish tacos, fish bowls–anything fish served with fresh lime juice. And they spike it up for you if you ask.

Chop It
The best grass-fed burgers in town! Add some sweet potato fries and you won’t want to move for the rest of the day.

Almost all the fare you’ll find in this smoothie-bar-heavy town is plant-based, local and organic, Olam is no exception. Best vegan place in town.

In Mal Pais. Not the best food and pretty bad decor but the nice location makes up for it. A safe choice is guacamole and a local beer.


Basically the only place where you can get a sunbed on the beach. Sunset specials are 2 Margaritas for 1.

Sunset surfers

Ranchos Itauna
Grab a lounger on the first row and you won’t find a better spot for sunset watching.


Al Chile Viola
Authentic Tuscan food served by husband-and-wife team Emiliano and Luz. Their mean ginger mojito is a must (and the reason we chose ginger mojitos for our pre-wedding cocktail)!

Run by a Japanese sushi master, Kojis is known to serve the best Japanese food in all of Latin America. Let yourself be the judge. 

Tierra y Fuego
Located in the middle of nowhere, here’s where you find the most delicious pizzas served by friendly Italians who are proud of their cuisine- if you ask for chili oil, be prepared to explain why.

Playa de los Artistas
All the way over in Montezuma. A very romantic spot. Make sure you have a reservation. Go to the waterfall in the late afternoon and be at the restaurant when they open at 5 pm.

cocktails to-go

Drift Bar
Freshly made, all-natural drinks to-go! Supercool concept and sooo delicious. Run by Scottish bartender Sharon who certainly knows her way around the cocktails.

One Happy Monkey, living in the Blue Zone 

Cóbano Bakery

Sharing the Same Space