Vejer de la Frontera, Spain /

In serious need of some sun and a change of scenery after a hectic autumn in the office getting Alkeback up and running, we stuffed our bags with the premiere Alkeback collection and jumped on a plane to Malaga to get some inspiring pictures…


After a 4-hour flight and another couple of hours on the road driving through the dry harsh landscape of Andalusia, (feeling as if we’d stepped into the set of  Don Quijote), we spotted our goal: Vejer de la Frontera, a quaint little white village perched on top of a hill overlooking the Andalusian landscape.

Driving up the winding road, we met our friend Moi, owner of the interior design shop Ecléctico Deco Vejer.  He’d come to welcome us and lead the way through the narrow streets of Vejer to his home, a beautiful three-story house carefully restored from top to bottom, preserving the old traditions of construction and details. We fell in love with the eclectic décor, playfully created by Moi and his partner, this wonderful couple from Bilbao/Stockholm.

The scenic route from Malaga to Vejer de la Frontera

Our hosts for the week took care of us in all ways possible. From helping us to find local models and a cool house to play around in for our photo shoot, to introducing us to the charm of the village and friendly neighbours. We also got a sweet taste of the traditional Spanish siesta, when you go home to enjoy lunch cooked by the ama of the house (Moi’s adorable mother) and rest for an hour before returning to work.

The hospitality shown to us and success of our trip was even more than we could have wished for!
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We’re already excited about our next trip and looking forward to exploring more of the beaches, hiking trails that wind through the gorgeous pine forests, and to get some serious surfing done!

Read more about the village and our best tips on where to eat and drink below!

Moi & Anna on the roof terrace

Looking down the  three-story residence


Vejer de la Frontera in south of Spain is the perfect off-season getaway. The small white village on the hill offers a rich Moroccan inspired cuisine and it’s only 15 minutes away from the coast where the strong north African winds ensure perfect kite surfing.

You’ll find this ”pueblo blanco” on the top of a steep hill, with the most amazing view in all directions, far over the Andalusian landscape on one side and across the Atlantic all the way to Africa on the other.

Let yourself get lost in the maze of Vejer’s winding narrow streets, and you will quickly get a feel of the town’s rich history. Vejer was used by the Phoenicians as a fortress town and later by the Romans. After 500 years of Moorish rule, Vejer was finally captured by King Ferdinand of Castille which is when Vejer became a border town to protect against the Moors. This is also when ‘de la Frontera’ was added to its name. The influence from the long Moorish rule is noted in the architecture, which makes it even more interesting to see how the new and the old part of town blends together seamlessly.

Peeking through gates and doorways to get a glimpse of the hidden flower-filled patios is part of getting to know Vejer and its friendly people. And wandering the streets at night is an experience of its own, as the soft lighting creates the ambiance of being part of past times.

In only a short drive you reach the wild beaches facing North Africa. You’ll find yourself all alone on some of them and in good company on others that are more suitable for surfing. At El Palmar there are strong waves for surfing from October to May, and a little bit further east you have perfect winds for kite surfing. You can even find the largest sand dune in Europe close by!

This little gem of a village hosts an incredible amount of good restaurants.

The area is famous for its sherry (with Jerez only a few miles away) and fish caught in the cold waters of the Atlantic, as well as beef from the classic brown Retinto cows, which you see grazing on the nearby hills.

Some of our favourite restaurants

El Jardin del Califa
A popular Moroccan restaurant and hotel with a pretty patio, perfectly protected from the wind.

Located by the small beautifully tiled Plaza de Espana, a fabulous place for some tapas and people watching.

El Central
If you haven’t tried the local Retinto beef, this is the place to do so. Perfectly cooked “al punto” and enjoyed with some local wine, and you are in meat lover heaven!

Corredera 55
The Scottish manager Ellie truly has put a very personal and welcoming touch to this place. Most produce is local and the menu deliciously creative.

Vina Y Mar
The first sherry bar in Vejer. Working your way through the 40 something sherries by the glass can keep you busy for a while. All while you are served some amazingly imaginative tapas.

La Piccolina
A little Italian café just off Plaza de Espana with the friendliest owners who serve the perfect Italian cappuccino together with other Italian and local treats.

And you don’t want to miss the rooftop bar above Califa, with a wonderful view and mean cocktails. Or enjoy some mint tea and baklava– after all this is a Moroccan joint.